Steps for Applying to the Consortium

  1. You MUST complete the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI Online) in full. The online application is available on the APPIC website
  2. You may apply to up to five (5) Consortium sites and/or programs. Boys Town, Munroe-Meyer Institute, and Nebraska Medicine Psychology Program are sites with more than one program. You may submit your application to no more than five (5) NICPP APPIC program codes.

    When you designate the NICPP program in your APPI Online, indicate the site(s)/program(s) to which you are applying in the Programs box located in the Internship Program Designation window immediately below Site #1416 NEBRASKA INTERNSHIP CONSORTIUM LINCOLN. Sites/Programs are listed by their Match numbers and program descriptions:

    • Department of Health and Human Services Beatrice (DHHS):  141625 - Department of Health and Human Services NE  (2 positions)
    • Boys Town:
      • 141613 - Omaha-Child/Adolescent Outpatient  Track (6 positions)
      • 141622 - Grand Island-Child/Adolescent Outpatient  Track (2 positions)
    • Immaculate Heart of Mary Counseling Center (IHMCC): 141612 (3 positions)
    • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 141611 (3 positions)
    • Creighton University-Student Counseling Services (SCS): 141616 (2 positions)
    • Munroe-Meyer Institute:
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Assessment and Treatment Program (MMI-IABA): 141615 (5 positions)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Behavioral Pediatrics and Integrated Care Program (MMI-BPIC): 141617 (10 positions)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Rural Integrated Care Program West: 141620 (1 position)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Comprehensive School Mental Health (MMI-SMH): 141621 (4 positions)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Comprehensive School Mental Health (MMI-SMH) ABA: 141618 (1 position)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Rural Integrated Care Program North/Central (MMI-RICN): 141614 (2 positions)
      • Munroe-Meyer Institute - Lifespan Development Disabilities Behavioral Health Program: 141628 (1 position)
    • Nebraska Medicine Psychology Department (NMPD):
      • Nebraska Medicine Psychology Health Psych Focus (NMPD-HP): 141629 (1 position)
      • Nebraska Medicine Psychology Primary Care Focus (NMPD-PC): 141624 (1 position)
      • Anxiety Disorders Track-Psychology-Nebraska Medicine (NMPD-AD): 141626 (1 position)
    • QLI TBI/CVA/SCI Rehabilitation: 141630 (1 position)
    • Morningstar Counseling and Consultation: 141619 (3 positions)
  3. The agency or agencies that you have selected will consider your application.

    1. In one cover letter addressed to Dr. Beth Doll, please specify the sites/programs to which you are applying in the first paragraph, and explain why you are applying to each of the sites that you have selected in subsequent paragraphs. You may use the following abbreviations: DHHS, BT-Omaha Outpatient, BT-Grand Island, CAPS, MMI-IABA, MMI-BPIC, MMI-SMH, MMI-RICN, MMI-RICW, MMI-RICSE, MMI-IBHP, NMPD-HP, NMPD-PC, NMPD-AD, SCS, QLI.
    2. Include three letters of recommendation and your Curriculum Vitae in your APPI Online.
    3. Send official copies of ALL graduate transcripts to the AAPI Online Service. Do not send undergraduate transcripts.

    All Consortium application materials must be uploaded by November 1, 2023. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

    Employment will be contingent on satisfactory completion of a background check.

    Interviews will be conducted only with those applicants invited by NICPP. Virtual Interviews are scheduled for the first few weeks in January. Open houses will also be conducted virtually.

    Complete information on the Matching Program is available at This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

    Questions about application procedures should be directed to the Consortium Program Coordinator at

    Interview invitations will be extended to applicants by email. 

    Interviews and Open Houses will be conducted in December and January. They will be done virtually, and there may be an option for an in-person open house at some sites.