Our Training Program

The NICPP specializes in training professional psychologists with child, adolescent, college student, and family interests. Within that context:

  • Interns are given maximum opportunity to assume increasing professional responsibility, with appropriate supervision, as their skills and knowledge grow over the year.
  • Each intern's training schedule is worked out in a flexible, mutually designated and agreed-upon manner.
  • The internship experiences are developed to meet the intern's professional goals and to provide maximum personal development.
  • Planned interaction among all interns is an integral part of this training program.
  • Interns meet regularly with their training directors or supervisors to monitor and assess progress.
  • Supervision (averaging 4 hours per week) occurs through a combination of individual and group sessions.
  • Research activities are encouraged and some official training time may be allotted to research.

Interns are required to participate in monthly seminars covering assessment, intervention, professional issues, diversity, and service delivery. Seminar topics in the past have included treatment of social anxiety disorders, neuropsychology, spinal cord injury, motivational interviewing, behavior analysis, working with interpreters and assessment of English language learners, professional interdisciplinary collaboration, and legal/ethical issues. Case presentations by interns focusing on assessment and intervention activities are a part of all monthly seminars.

Interns are expected to seek out and take advantage of other training activities available at their sites and in the community. Occasionally, particular presentations or workshops are identified as a requirement of the internship. Training Opportunities are posted on the Current Interns page of the website.

Interns must meet individual requirements of the agency in which they are completing their internship. Consistency in the admission requirements and standards, agency selections, training goals, and evaluation procedures ensures comparable quality experiences for all interns.

Each intern's training program is planned individually and is reviewed quarterly during the year and modified appropriately. An intern generally spends an entire year at one site. In special circumstances, internships may be planned for half time over a two-year period. Throughout the year each intern has regular access to monthly seminars and individual and group supervision.

The Consortium's yearly stipends range from $28,000 to $38,822. Benefits vary across agencies. Vacation and/or other personal leave must be specifically arranged and appropriately approved by individual site training directors. Policies regarding official holidays are set by individual agencies. Some agencies reimburse for local travel costs. The Consortium offers approximately 33-40 intern positions each year.

Interviews and Open Houses will be conducted in January. They will be done virtually.

Things to Know When Applying to the NICPP

  • The Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology accepts applicants from school, counseling, and clinical psychology doctoral programs, and preference is given to students from accredited programs.
  • There are nine different sites in the NICPP.
  • Two of the nine Consortium sites - Boys Town and Munroe Meyer Institute - have multiple match numbers because they have more than one distinct program at their sites.
  • Interns are admitted to the Consortium, not to an individual site, but applicants are interviewed by and matched to the member sites.
  • Interns do not rotate across Consortium sites. An individual intern's training takes place within the single Consortium site to which that intern is matched. Individual Consortium sites may have internal rotations.
  • You may request interviews with up to five (5) Consortium sites/programs (no more than 5 program codes). No preference rankings are requested or used for interview purposes.
  • You may only request five (5) interviews. If, for example, you request interviews with all five Munroe-Meyer Institute programs, you may not request any other interviews.
  • Applicants submit a single AAPI Application for Psychology Internship to the Nebraska Internship Consortium (Site Number 1416), and designate the agencies (and programs, for Boys Town, Munroe-Meyer Institute and Nebraska Medicine Psychology Program) with which they wish to interview by checking the boxes in the Programs section of the internship program designation and specifying the sites/programs in the first paragraph of the cover letter.
  • If you are invited for a virtual interview, NICPP will direct you to a scheduling link to select an interview time.
  • Opportunities to change interview date or time are not guaranteed and are made available solely at the discretion of each Consortium site Training Director.
  • Open Houses are virtual and are individualized for each site.


    Applicants are required to have passed their doctoral program's comprehensive exam before the NICPP application deadline.

    Applicants to Boys Town, CAPS, Catholic Social Services and Nebraska Medicine Psychology Department are required to have their master's degree and to be PLMHP-eligible. Munroe-Meyer Institute gives preference to applicants who have their master's degree and are PLMHP-eligible. 

    All consortium sites require background checks as a condition of employment.

    Application Procedures

    See the Steps for Applying to the Consortium page for specific instructions.

    We also recommend subscribing to the APPIC MATCH-NEWS and INTERN-NETWORK email lists. To subscribe to the MATCH-NEWS email list, send a blank email message to subscribe-match-news@lyris.appic.org. You will subsequently receive an email message (with the subject line, "Your confirmation needed") that contains instructions for you to follow in order to confirm your subscription. To subscribe to the INTERN-NETWORK list, send a blank email message to subscribe-intern-network@lyris.appic.org. For complete information about all of APPIC's email lists, go to http://www.appic.org/E-Mail-Lists/Summary-of-APPICs-E-Mail-Lists.

    Open Houses

    Open houses are being held virtually.